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SharePoint - Get Started for Site User


Learn about the purposes and possibilities of SharePoint, how to access, navigate, and work with various sites. Share and collaborate with other users. Learn to create and share a communication site.


Basic Components of SharePoint, Navigate Using Quick Launch, Navigate Using Site Contents, Use Search to Find Content, Filter Library or List Items, Pin a Document to the Top, Upload Documents and Folders, View File Properties, Create a Document in a Library, Edit Office Documents, Open and View Other File Types, Delete a File from a Library, Restore File from the Recycle Bin, Share a Document, Work with Lists in SharePoint, Add a New Item to a Custom List, Add a Calendar Item, Create Alerts in SharePoint, Manage Alerts

Course Outline:

  • What is SharePoint?
  • Access the SharePoint Site
  • Navigate and Find Content in SharePoint
  • Work with Files in Document Libraries
  • Create, Edit and View Documents
  • Collaborate with Others in SharePoint

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