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Office 365 Online Getting Started with Outlook Online


This course is an introduction to the online version of Microsoft Outlook. Students will learn how to navigate the application’s interface and the basics of managing email communications, contact information, and personal or company schedules.


The goal of this course is to help students become more organized and comfortable in working with their personal information. Students will learn how to compose, reply to, forward, store, and delete emails; how to correspond efficiently with friends and colleagues; and how to keep track of their meetings, appointments, and to-do lists. By the end of this course, you will be able to use Outlook online for many daily tasks and will be on your way to learning more advanced features.

1 – Lessons

  • Working with Mail – Learn how to compose new emails and attach files as well as how to reply to and delete received emails.
  • Folders and Views – Learn how to organize your emails by creating and arranging folders and by using different views to make conversations easier to navigate.
  • Managing Outlook Mail – Learn other ways of managing your conversations, such as flagging or color-coding emails and setting up automatic replies.
  • Working with Calendar – Learn about different ways of viewing your calendar and how to create and manage appointments and meetings.
  • Working with People – Learn how to add new contacts and view or manage the information of friends or people in your organization.
  • Working with Tasks – Learn about managing to-do lists and action items for you or your organization by creating and marking Tasks.

Course Outline:

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