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Access - Take Charge of Your Database


This course explores what a database administrator should know regarding their database. Learn how to bring external data into Access. Explore how data normalization can optimize your database organization with the table analyzer wizard. Make your database easier to use with navigation forms and startup options. Understand important database utilities that need to be run periodically. Export Access data in different formats.


Import or Link to Data, Copy and Paste Data into a Table, First Normal Form, Second Normal Form, Third Normal Form, Normalize Data with Table Analyzer, Create a Navigation Form, 2Database Startup Options, Back Up a Database, Restore a Database, Use the Compact and Repair Database Tool, Use the Database Documenter Tool, Export Table or Query Data to Excel, Export a Report as a PDF, Export Table or Query Data to SharePoint, Create a Word Mail Merge, Save Export Steps

Course Outline:

  • Work with External Data
  • Data Normalization in Access
  • Database Maintenance Tasks and Tools
  • Export Data

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