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MS-600T00 Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services


This course covers five central elements of Microsoft 365 platform – implementing Microsoft Identity, working with Microsoft Graph, extending and customizing SharePoint, extending Teams, and extending Office. In this course, students will learn how to implement Microsoft Identity and work with Microsoft Graph. Students will also gain the knowledge on UI elements (including Adaptive Cards and UI Fabric), Integration Points (including Microsoft Teams, Office Add-ins, SharePoint Framework, Actionable Messages), and determining workload platform targets. In implementing Microsoft Identity, students will learn to implement Microsoft identity including registering an application, implanting authentication, configuring permissions to consume an API, and creating a service to access Microsoft Graph. In working with Microsoft Graph, students will learn how to access user data, explore query parameters, manage a group lifecycle, access files, and optimize network traffic using Microsoft Graph. In extending and customizing SharePoint, students will learn about SharePoint Framework web parts, extensions, and how to package and deploy a SPFx solution. In extending Teams, students will look at the components of a Teams App, work with webhooks, tabs, and conversational bots. In extending Office, students work with Office Add-ins, task pane add-ins, JavaScript APIs, Office UI Fabric, and actionable messages with adaptive cards.

Who Should Attend
Students in this course are interested in Microsoft 365 development platform or in passing the Microsoft 365 Developer Associate certification exam. Students should also have 1-2 years experience as a developer. This course assumes students know how to code and have a basic understanding of REST APIs, JSON, OAuth2, OData, OpenID Connect, Microsoft identities including Azure AD and Microsoft accounts, Azure AD B2C, and permission/consent concepts.

Course Objectives
Implementing Microsoft Identity
Working with Microsoft Graph
Determining workload platform targets
Integration Points, including Microsoft Teams, Office Add-ins, and SharePoint Framework

Course Outline:

Getting Started with Microsoft Identity
Application types in Microsoft identity
Permissions and Consent Framework
Secure custom APIs with Microsoft Identity
Work with users, groups, and roles in custom apps and APIs
Optimize data usage with query parameters
Optimize network traffic with Microsoft Graph
Access user data from Microsoft Graph
Manage Group lifecycle with Microsoft Graph
Access Files with Microsoft Graph
Use change notifications and track changes with Microsoft Graph
Introduction to customizing and extending SharePoint
Introduction to Office client customization with add-ins
Overview of building apps for Microsoft Teams
Task-oriented interactions with messaging extensions
Tabs in Microsoft Teams
Create interactive conversational bots
Collect input with task modules
Webhooks in Microsoft Teams
The Microsoft Graph teamwork endpoint
Authentication and single sign-on in Microsoft Teams
Deploy your Microsoft Teams app

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