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JavaScript Essentials with jQuery


JavaScript Essentials with jQuery provides an introduction to and experience working with the JavaScript programming language in the environment it’s used in the most: the browser.

Course Objectives
Working within in a dynamic, hands-on learning environment, guided by our expert team, attendees will:Become both familiar with the language and confident enough to work with it in any context Learn enough of the DOM API to bend it to your will Make communication between the browser and your server possible Understand and effectively leverage closures Understand how JavaScript’s object model differs from the model classical object-oriented programming languages Learn what jQuery is and how to add it to your applications Use jQuery to select complex sets of elements from the DOM Develop rich web pages that respond to user interaction Interact with your server-side code using Ajax Explore a wide variety of plugins and learn how to write your own Test your applications to make sure your JavaScript is as solid as the rest of your code

Course Outline:

Debugging Tools
JavaScript Functions
JavaScript Arrays
More On Element SelectionDebugging Tools
JavaScript Functions
JavaScript Arrays
More On Element Selection
JavaScript Strings and Regular Expressions
Object-Oriented JavaScript
JavaScript Event Handling
Advanced JavaScript
Attributes, Forms, and DOM
More jQuery!
Event Handling
More On Elements!
Navigation Techniques
jQuery Plugins
jQuery UI
JSON Objects
JSON Syntax and Processing
jQuery, JSON, and AJAX
Why jQuery?
Basic jQuery
Manipulating the DOM
JavaScript Best Practices
Performance and Optimization
Download Options
Responsive Web Design
User Interface Principles
Layout Techniques
Selection Techniques

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