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DP-050T00 Migrate SQL workloads to Azure


In this course, the students will explore the objectives of data platform modernization and how it is suitable for given business requirements. They will also explore each stage of the data platform modernization process and define what tasks are involved at each stage, such as the assessment and planning phase. Students will also learn the available migration tools and how they are suitable for each stage of the data migration process. The student will learn how to migrate to the three target platforms for SQL based workloads; Azure Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Databases and Azure SQL Database Managed Instances. The student will learn the benefits and limitations of each target platform and how they can be used to fulfil both business and technical requirements for modern SQL workloads. The student will explore the changes that may need to be made to existing SQL based applications, so that they can make best use of modern data platforms in Azure.

Who Should Attend
The audience for this course is data professionals and data architects who want to learn about migrating data platform technologies that exist on Microsoft Azure and how existing SQL based workloads can be migrated and modernized. The secondary audience for this course is individuals who manage data platforms or develop applications that deliver content from the existing data platform technologies.

Course Objectives
After completing this course, students will be able to:
Understand Data Platform Modernization
Choose the right tools for Data Migration
Migrate SQL Workloads to Azure Virtual Machines
Migrate SQL Workloads to Azure SQL Databases
Migrate SQL Workloads to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Course Outline:

Understand Data Platform Modernization
Understand the stages of migration
Understand data migration technologies
Discover the Database Migration Guide
Identify migration candidates using Data Migration Assistant
Evaluate data workload using Database Experimentation Assistant
Data migration using Azure Database Migration Service
Migrate non-SQL Server workloads to Azure using SQL Migration Assistant
Considerations of SQL Server to Azure VM migrations
SQL workloads to Azure VM migration options
Implement high availability and disaster recovery scenarios
Considerations for migrating to Azure SQL Database
Migrate to Azure SQL Database
Service continuity of Azure SQL Database
What is Azure SQL Database managed instance
Migrate to Azure SQL Database managed instance
Synchronize data to Azure SQL Database managed instance

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